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  • CARSON@ohm.com
    Subject: Re: - no subject (01IG7X8K3U6A91VYG2) - To: smtp% ai-geostats@gis.psu.edu @mrgate From: Carson,Jr., John H. Importance: high Sensitivity: Normal
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 1997
      Subject: Re: - no subject (01IG7X8K3U6A91VYG2) -
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      I have a spatial data set that has Immunoassay screening test results for TNT
      and other nitroaromatic explosives in soil. The screening data is
      left-censored at 20 or 100 (depending on the dilution of the test solution) and
      right censored at 975. The screening data is in the form of a score because I
      don't regard it as a good measure of chemical concentration. I have used the
      immunoassay score for a soil sample and the presence of red staining
      (characteristic of TNT) in the area in which that soil sample was taken as
      predictors to construct a quasi-likelihood model of the probability that a
      laboratory analysis of the soil sample would give a result greater than or
      equal to 190 mg/kg TNT. The TNT concentration 190 mg/kg is the risk-based
      cleanup goal for this site.

      If you are interested, I may be able to make this data set available, but I
      will have to get the permission of the Army. This shouldn't be problem but it
      may take a couple of weeks at least.

      > I am looking for a geo-spatial 'censored' data set.
      > Some body can help me?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Lola Ugarte Departamento de Estadistica UPNA 31006 PAmplona, Spain. E-Mail:

      John Carson (carson@...)
      Sr. Project Statistician
      OHM Remediation Services Corp.
      voice: 419-425-6156
      fax: 419-424-4991

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