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Re: GEOSTATS: geostats in social science

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    ... a book maybe which could be of your interest: Haining R. (1990) Spatial data analysis in the social and environmental sciences Cambridge University Press
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      James Long wrote:
      > I am new to this list and to the field of geo-statistics. I have read the
      > FAQ and I am currently reading some books on geostats. I am in the field of
      > social sciences, particularly agricultural economics. My interests involve
      > using goestats to annalize the USDA Natural Resource Inventory (NRI)
      > database. Is anyone else on this list using geostats on social science
      > data? What about the NRI in particular.
      > I am looking for info on the state of geostats in social science. I believe
      > that I may try to publish an article or two in a few journals in the near
      > future. It seems that this rather uncharted territory.
      > James Long
      > Department of Agricultural. Economics
      > University of Kentucky, USA

      a book maybe which could be of your interest:

      Haining R. (1990)

      "Spatial data analysis in the social and environmental sciences"

      Cambridge University Press



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