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GEOSTATS: periodicity

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  • Isobel Clark
    Hi Mercedes You have what we call the Paddington Mix model -- a mixture of spherical components with a ripple effect around it. I have used anisotropic
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2000
      Hi Mercedes

      You have what we call the "Paddington Mix" model -- a
      mixture of spherical components with a 'ripple' effect
      around it. I have used anisotropic Paddington Mixes
      very successfully in several different geological
      different applications.

      The reason we call it the Paddington Mix is that it
      was first included in the Geostokos software for an
      application at Paddington Mine in Western Australia.
      This is a shear-enhanced gold mineralisation, where
      the gold values are not restricted to shear zones
      (cyclic) but are richer close to the shears. So we had
      a model with a basic two component spherical but with
      a cyclic component which varied wildly according to
      whether it was parallel to or perpendicular to the
      shears. To get the anisotropy, we varied cycle length
      and damping parameter to achieve almost pure spherical
      'along shears' and strong cycles across shears.

      The model has also been used to characterise potholes
      or ballrooms in platinum reef mineralisation, and we
      (me and Gavin Lind) have a paper to be presented in
      South Africa next month on using indicators and the
      paddington mix to track down pillars and voids in old
      abandoned coal mines.

      You can see examples of the Paddington Mix in
      Practical Geostatistics 2000, although we don't have
      any anisotropic models in the book. Got to leave
      something for Volume 2!

      Check it out at http://geoecosse.bizland.com and the
      book software at

      Isobel Clark

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