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GEOSTATS: Practical Geostatistics 2000

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  • Isobel Clark
    Just to remind everybody that Practical Geostatistics 2000 by Isobel Clark and Bill Harper has finally hit the streets - well, the Web anyway. You can even get
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2000
      Just to remind everybody that Practical Geostatistics
      2000 by Isobel Clark and Bill Harper has finally hit
      the streets - well, the Web anyway. You can even get
      it on Amazon.com!

      The hardcopy book is 442 pages and the "old" Practical
      Geostatistics starts half way through Chapter 8!

      The book is also available as hypertext on CD. It is
      pretty flat at the moment, with only major hypertext
      links, but we hope to make it a lot more flexible in
      later editions.

      The CD also includes a demo copy of the Geostokos
      software and 13 data sets for teaching, learning and
      generally playing around with.

      The software and data sets are also freely available
      to anyone -- even cheapskates who won't buy the book.

      Check this out at

      There is also information on the Contents of the book
      and a rough copy of Chapter 1 on the same site.

      The old book is also available as download in a bad
      photocopy version or in Latex. The latter is readable
      (and printable) using the free Scientific Notebook
      Viewer which you can download from
      [Note: you have to go way down the page to find the
      free version!!]

      Details on downloading Practical Geostatistics 1979
      (yes really, I am only that old) at:

      I have put all this stuff in folders in my Yahoo
      briefcase. If you want to be really rude you can go
      straight there:

      I would prefer you to at least visit my own pages and
      SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!!!!!

      Everything in the briefcase is free and freely
      distributable. I know we aren't supposed to solicit
      data sets, but if you have any you are willing to
      share with the geostatistical world, we are willing to
      host them in the briefcase and modify for use with the
      PG2000 demo software.

      Visit http://geoecosse.hypermart.net for Web
      purchasing of the book, CD and the 'real' software
      (EcoSSe). For direct purchasing contact me for Africa,
      Australasia and the Far East and e_cosse@...
      for Europe, CIS and the Middle East.

      We are currently finishing a separate volume of
      "Answers to Exercises". Bona fide teachers can obtain
      a free "notes for educators" when buying the second
      volume. Now taking suggestions for Volume Two
      scheduled for early 2001. So far have simulation,
      discrete processes, co-kriging and anecdotes. All
      conributions gratefully accepted!

      Contact me personally at drisobelclark@...

      Isobel Clark

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