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  • Jianguo (Jingle) Wu
    Call for Abstracts and for Proposals of Special Sessions ... The 16th Annual Symposium of the US Regional Chapter of the International Association of Landscape
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2000
      Call for Abstracts and for Proposals of Special Sessions

      The 16th Annual Symposium of the US Regional Chapter of the International
      Association of Landscape Ecology (US-IALE)

      Memorial Union, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, April 25-29, 2001

      A major goal of landscape ecology is to understand the interactions between
      spatial pattern and ecological processes, the role of scale, and
      hierarchical linkages in heterogeneous landscapes that are increasingly
      shaped by human activities. This understanding is essential not only for
      unraveling how nature works, but also for developing a harmonious
      relationship between humanity and nature. The theme of the 2001 US-IALE
      Symposium will be understanding the interactions among pattern, process,
      scale, and hierarchy in human-dominated and natural landscapes, with a
      special emphasis on landscapes that have been profoundly modified by humans.
      We welcome oral and poster presentations that are relevant to the symposium

      Abstracts should be sent to the Program Chair: Dr. Jianguo (Jingle) Wu,
      Department of Life Sciences, P.O. Box 37100, Arizona State University -
      West, Phoenix, AZ 85069 (Email: jingle@..., Phone: 602-543-6131, Fax:
      602-543-6131). Note that only electronic submission is acceptable. The
      deadline for the submission of abstracts is November 30, 2000. Abstract
      submissions must follow the specific instructions below.


      * Only one presentation (oral or poster) will be allowed for each person
      as the senior author, although one person may be a co-author on
      multiple presentations.

      * Acceptance notice will be sent to submitting authors electronically by
      January 1, 2001, and the presentation schedule will follow as soon as
      it becomes available.

      * It is assumed that the submission of an abstract indicates that the
      author allows its publication in the US-IALE 2001 Program and on the
      US-IALE 2001 web site.

      * Regular slide and overhead projectors will be available for all oral
      presentations. A computer projector with standard PC connections will
      be provided when necessary. But the presenter must have his/her own
      laptop computer and it is up to the presenter to make sure of the
      connection compatibility between the computer and the projector. We
      highly recommend a backup form of the presentation (slides or
      overheads) be available.

      * For poster, boards will be 6 feet in length and 4 feet in height.

      Two Ways of Submitting Your Abstracts

      Option 1 - Online Abstract Submission. Go to the web site of US-IALE 2001 at
      http://www.west.asu.edu/LEML/iale2001, and follow the on-line instructions
      for abstract submission.

      Option 2 - E-mail submission. If you choose this option, please follow
      instructions below carefully, without omitting any requested information:

      * Please send your abstract to both of the following two email addresses:
      jingle@... AND iale2001@.... You should get a
      confirmation message after your abstract has been received.

      * Use TEXT format directly in email message (No attachments or word
      processing files).

      * All abstracts must be in English with a maximum of 250 words (not
      including the title and information on authors).

      * The abstract should start with author's name, affiliation, and
      presentation title. After a blank line the body of the abstract
      follows. Note that, after the main body of the abstract, additional
      information on the presentation is required (see the example provided

      * For abstracts with multiple authors, place an asterisk next to the
      presenter's name.

      * Put all authors in order, and then the order of their respective
      affiliations (number them if different). For the first (or sole)
      author, put the last name first, followed by the first name and middle
      initial. For co-authors, the last name should follow the first name and
      middle initial (see the example below).

      * Remember to provide the following information at the end of your
      abstract: (1) contact information on the corresponding author; (2)
      whether you prefer an Oral or Poster presentation and if you are
      willing to make a poster presentation if your oral presentation cannot
      be scheduled; (3) whether the abstract is a student presentation that
      enters the competition for the Best Student Presentation Award (more
      information on awards and procedures on judging are provided in the
      IALE Newsletter and on the US-IALE2001 web site), and (4) whether you
      need special AV equipment other than slide and/or overhead projectors

      * If the abstract contains any special characters, use the following

      Special Text Symbol to Use Example

      Italics (Stipa grandis) <i> </i> <i>Stipa grandis</i>

      Superscript (m2) <sup> </sup> m<sup>2</sup>

      Subscript (NH4) <sub> </sub> NH<sub>4</sub>

      Greek letter (=B5) (spell out) MU


      From: hlandskap@...
      Subject: us-iale2001 abstract
      To: jingle@..., iale2001@...

      Wu, Jianguo1, Laura Musacchio2, and Heterogy S. Landskap3,*. 1Department of
      Life Sciences, Arizona State University-West, Phoenix, AZ 85069, USA;
      2School of Planning and Landscape Architecture, Arizona State University,
      Tempe, AZ 85287, USA; and 3Department of Landscape Ecology, University of
      Mars, Phoenix, AZ 80000, USA. Pattern and Process in Landscapes from Arizona
      and Mars: Generality and Idiosyncrasy.

      Understanding how spatial heterogeneity and biotic and abiotic processes
      interact is essential in the study of the functioning and dynamics of
      complex landscapes. By taking a comparative approach, we have investigated
      the pattern and process interactions in several landscapes from the central
      Arizona and Mars, respectively. =3D8A=3D8A

      Author to contact: Heterogy S. Landskap
      Mailing address: Department of Landscape Ecology, University of Mars, PO Box
      30000, Phoenix, AZ 80000, USA
      Phone number: 666-666-6666
      =46ax number: 666-666-6667
      E-mail: jingle@...
      Preferred form of presentation (oral or poster): Oral
      Poster as alternative if necessary: Yes
      Best student presentation competition: No
      Special AV: PowerPoint presentation (PC)



      The theme of the 2001 US-IALE Symposium will be understanding the
      interactions among pattern, process, scale, and hierarchy in human-dominated
      and natural landscapes. If you are interested in organizing a special
      session on a topic that is relevant to the theme, please submit a proposal,
      preferably by email, to the Program Chair:

      Dr. Jianguo (Jingle) Wu
      Department of Life Sciences
      P.O. Box 37100, Arizona State University - West
      Phoenix, AZ 85069
      Email: jingle@...
      Phone: 602-543-6131 Fax: 602-543-6131

      The deadline for the submission of proposals is October 25, 2000. The
      decision of acceptance of proposals will be made by November 15, 2000. All
      special session proposals must follow the instructions below. After the
      proposed special session is accepted, the abstract of each presentation must
      be sent to the program chair by November 30, 2000 in the required format
      (see Calls for Abstracts and information on the 2001 US-IALE Symposium web
      site: http://www.west.asu.edu/LEML/iale2001).

      Instructions for Special Session Proposals

      All proposals for special sessions must contain the following
      information in the order indicated below:

      1. Organizer:
      * Name, affiliation, mailing address, phone, fax, email address

      2. Title of the special session:
      * Full title of the proposed special session

      3. Proposal Summary:
      * Describe the significance of the special session and its
      relevance to the theme of the 16th US-IALE symposium

      4. List of potential speakers:
      * List all potential speakers you have contacted or will
      contact, with the tentative titles of their talks and their
      * Proposed time duration for each presentation

      5. Possible outcome of the special session:
      * Is any form of publication being planned based on the special
      session? What other forms of outcome from the special session
      do you expect?
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