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GEOSTATS: CrimeStat update

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  • Dr. Ned Levine
    release of an update version of the CrimeStat spatial statistics program, distributed by the National Institute of Justice s (NIJ) Crime Mapping Research
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2000
      release of an update version of the CrimeStat spatial statistics program,
      distributed by the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) Crime Mapping
      Research Center. CrimeStat is a free program for the statistical analysis
      of crime and other incident locations, developed by Ned Levine & Associates
      of Annandale, VA.. The program is Windows based and interfaces with most
      desktop GIS programs. The aim is to provide supplemental statistical tools
      to aid analysts and researchers in statistically describing the
      distribution of incidents. Many of these tools are useful for geographers
      (e.g., describing clusters of crime incidents; describing shifts in the
      spatial distribution of shopping trips; describing the distribution of
      pedestrian accidents relative to the underlying population distribution)

      Version 1.1 is an update to the first version which was released in
      November 1999 and fixes some problems associated with 1.0 (e.g., improved
      performance in Windows 98), adds new database features, (e.g., the ability
      to handle missing values), makes improvements to some of the existing
      routines (e.g., edge corrections to Ripley's K statistic), and adds new
      journey to crime calibration and estimation routines. The latter technique
      is an adaptation of location/travel behavior theory. It could be used, for
      example, to identify an optimal location to place a senior citizen center
      given the distribution of seniors in a community and assumptions about
      their travel behavior.

      The program is fully documented with update notes and a new chapter on
      journey to crime estimation. There are also sample data sets
      provided. The new version can be downloaded from either NIJ's Crime
      Mapping Research Center web site:


      or the web site of the NIJ archivist:


      Ned Levine, PhD
      Ned Levine & Associates
      Annandale, VA

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