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GEOSTATS: ArcView Project file size and instability

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  • Joyce Witebsky
    Hi all, Perhaps, I may be able to shed some light on the large size and propensity of ArcView project (*.apr) files to crash. As a student, I do a lot of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6 10:29 AM
      Hi all,

      Perhaps, I may be able to shed some light on the "large size" and
      propensity of ArcView project (*.apr) files to crash. As a student, I
      do a lot of work in ArcView, for which my institution has a site-license
      (so I'm working with versions 3.1 and 3.2, the most current versions, on
      NT and Windows98 systems). Generally ArcView has the same sorts of
      problems as most software that uses memory intensively. If you are doing
      lots of manipulation of files and/quering, it will eventually just seize
      up, so it's helpful to save a project frequently.

      I only have problems with project file (*.apr) size or stability if
      I add a large number of labels to the map in a "View" and then save the
      project. Unfortunately, each label gets saved in the project as a page
      worth of (ASCII) code. This allows each label to be independently placed,
      sized, rotated, given an unique font, etc..., but if you have a large
      number of labels (I tried this once for 2,000 polygons), you end up with a
      huge project file that might take days to load up, if it does at all (I
      gave up and rebuilt that project). I've never had time to thoroughly
      investigate possible work arounds to this problem (I add labels just
      before I print or save to another file format), but I suspect it is
      discussed ad nauseum on the ArcView list server managed by ESRI.


      On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Gedas Vaitkus wrote:
      > However, if
      > you want to make nice map layouts for printing (especially on large paper,
      > like A1, A0), ArcView is much more stable and has nice options for making
      > "map sattionery". Generally ArcView is a more "classical" GIS environment in
      > terms of GIS topology, it has really comfortable tools for making map
      > legends, etc. The main problem is related with the project file, where you
      > actually make the design of your map views and layouts. The file is big,
      > code is very difficult to understand and (what is most dangerous), it often
      > crashes (God knows why) with only a little hope to make a safe recovery.
      > Therefore I never do anything in ArcView without keeping 2 additional copies
      > of the project file. And it often saves weeks of my work !
      > Regards to all
      > Gedas Vaitkus

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