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  • Wayne Thogmartin
    I just received this virus alert on a different listserv, and given that I just received the virus on this listserv, I thought I would forward the following...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2000
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      I just received this virus alert on a different listserv, and given that I
      just received the virus on this listserv, I thought I would forward the

      ILOVEYOU e-mail worm invades PCs

      Melissa-like e-mail worm, bearing the title ILOVEYOU,' is sweeping
      Asia and has been reported in the U.S. and the UK.

      By Margaret Kane, ZDNet News
      UPDATED May 4, 2000 7:59 AM PT

      A new Melissa-like e-mail worm has spread through Asia and Europe via
      e-mail messages titled "ILOVEYOU."
      A spokeswoman for anti-virus company Symantec Corp. told ZDNet UK that
      virus "seems to be very widespread" and that four major European
      corporations have had serious problems with their e-mail systems due to
      Numerous users have reported incidences of the virus in the U.S. and
      A scan of the visual basic code included in the attachment reveals that
      virus may be corrupting MP3, and JPEG files on users' hard drives as
      as mIRC (a version of Internet Relay Chat). It also appears to reset the

      default start page for Internet Explorer.
      Dow Jones reported this morning that the worm affected Hong Kong and
      Singapore, and appeared to have hit investment banks and public
      firms particularly hard. The wire service said that Credit Lyonnais
      Securities (Asia) shut its outgoing mail server 11 minutes after
      the virus to prevent it from spreading any further.
      Symantec said it has reports of more than 1,000 infections. The bug,
      the company called VBS.LoveLetter.A, uses Microsoft Outlook to replicate

      itself, sending messages with the message "kindly check the attached
      LOVELETTER coming from me."
      The name of the attachment is "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs."
      Once the attachment is opened, the worm replicates itself and adds
      files to the user's computer.
      The file may have originated from a user dubbed "spyder" in the
      Philippines. The text of the virus script also contains the phrase "i
      to go to school."
      Melissa brought worldwide attention to the problems of computer viruses
      when it struck e-mail systems in March 1999. The program knocked out
      servers at dozens of corporations and is estimated to have caused
      of dollars' worth of damage.
      David L. Smith, the alleged author of the Melissa virus, was recently
      arraigned in a New Jersey court on charges of interruption to public
      communications, conspiracy to commit the offense and attempt to commit

      Attached is some documentation, in HTML format, about the "Loveletter"
      virus. Set your browser to work off-line to read it.


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