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GEOSTATS: Statistics and Health conference--second announcement

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    Please circulate or post the following announcement. Second Call for Abstracts ************************************ Statistics and Health June 11-13, 2000,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 1999
      Please circulate or post the following announcement.

      "Second Call for Abstracts"

      Statistics and Health
      June 11-13, 2000, Edmonton, Canada

      The Biostatistics Research Group of University of Alberta call for
      abstracts for the conference and workshop to be held in Edmonton in June
      11-13, 2000. It will create a forum where statisticians, health services
      researchers, epidemiologists, policy analysts and other scientists can
      interact to identify and discuss issues and solutions for health research.
      The workshop on hierarchical modeling in health services research will be
      given by Dr. CONSTANTINE GATSONIS on Sunday, June 11, 2000. There will be
      two parts: Part I--Theory, concepts and Part II--Data analysis using MLn
      and BUGS software. Enrollment is limited to 60 and early registration is
      strongly encouraged. The abstracts are due February 1, 1999.

      Please see


      for details, or email brg@..., fax at 780-492-6826 or phone
      KC Carriere at 780-492-4230.

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