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GEOSTATS: Improving the FAQ of Ai-GEOSTATS

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Dear all, I believe most of you are on holiday and if not, then you probably have better things to do than to answer to the following questionnaire. I would
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2005
      Dear all,

      I believe most of you are on holiday and if not, then you probably
      have better things to do than to answer to the following questionnaire.
      I would like to add to the FAQ of AI-GEOSTATS basic information
      on the integration of geostatistical tools and functions within the main
      GIS available on the market (i.e. Arc/Info, ArcView, MapInfo, Grass).
      I therefore would like to know with the help of a questionnaire
      which are those that are implemented within the above mentioned GIS ?
      If you have experience with another GIS (not contouring packages like
      Surfer or GS+), I would be pleased to add it in to the FAQ.

      The 16 questions are the following:

      1) Can the GIS display proportional/classed symbol maps? (Yes/No)
      2) Are moving windows statistics implemented? (Yes/No)
      3) Are functions for the structural analysis of the sampling network
      implemented ? If yes, which one (Fractal analysis / Morishita index)
      4) Can a trend model be fitted ? If yes, what kind of models are available?
      5) Are any declustering techniques implemented? (Yes/No)
      (polygons of influence / cell declustering) ? If yes, which one?
      6) Does the GIS calculate and display the experimental semi-variogram?
      7) Is the variography (i.e. display and query of h-scatterplots) interactive?
      8) Can the experimental semi-variogram be modelled? (Yes/No)
      9) Can anisotropic semi-variograms be analysed: (Yes/No)
      10) Is the modelling of the semi-variogram interactive
      (full control on model type, the nugget, sill and range ?): (Yes/No)
      11) What are the implemented geostatistical functions (ordinary
      block kriging, ordinary point kriging, universal point kriging, simulations´┐Ż)
      12) Are other interpolation functions (IDW, Thiessen polygons, Splines,
      polynomes, nearest neighbours, ´┐Ż) available ? If yes, which one(s) ?
      12) Any control on the searching methods during interpolation? (Yes/No)
      13) Any anisotropic search method? (Yes/No)
      14) Can polygons of exclusion be used during the interpolation ?
      15) What is the output format of the estimates: (raster/points)
      16) Can all these functions and tools be developed with a macro language
      associated to the GIS ? (Yes/No)

      The questionnaire refers only to functions that are implemented by default
      within the GIS and that don't require from the user any additional
      I however would be interested to know what external packages are connected
      to the GIS to provide the users with the necessary tools. (As an example,
      Variowin is not directly connected to a GIS, SPLUS & S+SpatialStats are partly
      developed to interact with Arc/Info).

      If you feel I should put more questions, please don't hesitate to send me your

      If you wish to contribute to this FAQ, please send the questionnaire back to
      me with the name of the described GIS package (if possible the version
      number). The names of all the contributors will of course be given.

      Thanks a lot for any help

      Have a nice week-end

      Best regards

      (Responsible of Ai-GEOSTATS)

      Gregoire Dubois
      Section of Earth Sciences
      Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography
      University of Lausanne

      Currently detached in Italy


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