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  • RCKnodt@aol.com
    ********************************** ANNOUNCEMENT The Beta testing of Version 11 of MODSTAT is now complete. I want to thank all 70 of the individuals who spent
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 1999

      The Beta testing of Version 11 of MODSTAT is now complete.

      I want to thank all 70 of the individuals who spent the time to evaluate the
      beta version of Version 11 of MODSTAT. Their advice and suggestions were
      invaluable. This is the first update in about 15 months.

      Version 11 (Final), which is now being sent to those who register, has a
      number of changes.

      First, there are now over 250 tests and routines. Most of the new tests and
      routines were in response to users who wanted extra tests added.

      Just a sampling of the changes:
      ONE-WAY ANOVA Within-Groups now uses Student's t-test for correlated means.
      The routine shows the power of the test and the probability of making a type
      II error.

      The Bonferroni-Dunn routine has been added to Cochran's test.

      The Darlington & Carlson's Adjusted Eta test is now included.

      Hartley's Fmax Test is now included.

      The Mantel-Haenszel test has been added.

      The Marascuilo-McSweeney routines is now part of the Cochran test.

      The Newman-Keuls' test has been added.

      Scheffe's test has been added.

      Operating Characteristic Curve Table is now included.

      The Siegel & Castellan's Correction for Continuity is now part of the
      Mann-Whitney test.

      The routines now use the t value for degrees of freedom up to 50, rather than

      Some screens, menus and descriptions have been changed slightly.

      The calculations of some tests and routines now show more information.

      The registration fee remains at $22.00 for individuals, $17.00 for students.
      A College site license is available for $62.00

      If you are a presently registered user, you can update for $14.00.

      A FREE two-month trial is available. Simply e-mail me your name and complete
      postal mailing address and a trial copy will be sent as soon as possible.

      The learning curve is almost flat. You can begin doing analysis within 10
      minutes after you install the software. The programs run on older 386 and
      machines under DOS and Windows 3.1. They also run on newer machines under
      Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98. The programs will run on MacIntosh
      machines using VirtualPC and on palm top, hand held HP 100 and 200 machines.

      Please check the site at
      http://members.aol.com/rcknodt/pubpage.htm <A

      If you would like a list of the tests and routines that MODSTAT handles,
      simply e-mail your request to me at : STATISTICS@...

      If you would like a free two-month trial, e-mail me at:
      Dr. Robert C. Knodt
      4949 Samish Way, #31
      Bellingham, WA 98226
      RCKnodt@... <A HREF="mailto: rcknodt@...">Robert C. Knodt</A>
      Statware@... <A HREF="mailto:
      statware@...">statware at tech</A>

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