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GEOSTATS: International Health Geographics Conference 2000

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Preliminary Announcement ***************************** International Health Geographics Conference 2000 March 2000, Washington, DC, USA Background: This is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 1999
      Preliminary Announcement

      International Health Geographics Conference 2000

      March 2000, Washington, DC, USA

      Background: This is the second International Health Geographics
      Conference (IHGC 2K), building upon the very successful First IHGC held
      in October 1998.The First IHGC, principally sponsored by Johns Hopkins
      University and ESRI, Inc., brought together professionals with a common
      interest in the spatial aspects of health, whether as program directors,
      academics, end-users, or anywhere within the broad spectrum of
      commonality between GIS and Health.

      Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have evolved as an empowering
      technology, enabling the health geographics professional to use, analyze
      and present information in ways not possible with textual and numerical
      information systems (e.g., word processors, data bases, spreadsheets).
      With GIS, the user is able to analyze the spatial and pattern
      information inherent in geographically based health data. In comparison
      with other relevant technologies, GIS offers greater awareness and
      ability to respond to health care, medical and research issues at the
      appropriate scale. The robustness of GIS is illustrated best by a
      diverse variety applications: space/time cluster analysis, spatial
      trends, siting of facilities, modeling heterogeneity with covariates,
      optimizing delivery of goods and services, predicting risk, exposure
      assessment, identifying at-risk populations and defining corrective
      interventions, image classification, spatial reasoning and cognition,
      spatial multimedia, animation, visualization, correlations and so on.

      Purpose of Conference: The International Health Geographics Conference
      2000 (IHGC 2K) will bring together people from many different
      disciplines who share a common foundation: the geographic aspects of
      health. IHGC 2K will foster dialogue between: doctors, medical
      researchers, epidemiologists, environmental scientists, geographers,
      geologists, computer scientists, statisticians, hydrologists,
      entomologists, toxicologists, ecologists, archaeologists, business
      managers, regulators, and indeed, all those appreciative of the links
      between GIS and health.

      This year, one of the primary areas of focus will be spatial
      statistics. The program of the overall meeting will be unrestricted
      within the domain of GIS and health; we seek to [promote] continue and
      enhance the international dialogue and shared learning that was
      overwhelmingly acknowledged in the first IHGC through the presentation
      and discussion of high-quality research and applications. There are a
      variety of disciplines already identified to lead us towards this aim;
      case examples from Managed Care/Insurance, Epidemiology, Demography,
      Environmental Health, Infrastructure/Facilities Management, Emergency
      Systems, Medicine, Web-based GIS, Community Health Status and others
      will be integrated with Methods and Processes focusing on Data
      Creation/Acquisition, Spatial & Statistical Analysis, Data
      Dissemination/Presentation, Automated Systems, and Health Information
      Management to provide a uniquely informative and enjoyable experience
      for attendees.

      ***We would like to invite participants for the Scientific Committee;
      suggestions for Session Chairs (as well as suggestions for Session
      Topics); and themes for both this conference as well as the next one
      (the 3rd IHGC).****

      Details about IHGC/2K as well as the first IHGC will be found at
      our the IHGC website at http://www.jhsph.edu/ihgc

      You can now submit your abstract online!

      Please contact the co-chairs with any questions:

      Omar A. Khan
      Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health

      Ric Skinner
      New Jersey Dept. of Health & Senior Services

      We look forward to your participation!
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