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GEOSTATS: Why such succes for a neophyte ?

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  • Lionel Bargeot
    neo -phyte -phite -fitte ... Dear all, I appologize for my poor english AND latin OR greek AND etc... . My subject is geostatistic. I ve worked for 2 years on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 1999
      neo -phyte -phite -fitte ...

      Dear all,
      I appologize for my poor english AND latin OR greek AND etc... . My
      subject is geostatistic. I've worked for 2 years on a database called
      DONESOL in a bundary called Burgundy. The fashion of GIS permitted to
      develop this database without difficulty for one of four sub-region. Now
      we have to finish the database for the 3 others. To do it we need monay,
      to get monay we need to convince local politic men.
      At our scales, (1/250.000 - 1/100.000), we can use our database to
      spatialize a type of work developed by agronomists over the ten past
      years. The problem is that they 've worked localy on the meteorological
      sample points. They are very interesting in develop spatial methods and
      Meteo-France is interesting in develop applications on their data.

      Special thanks to Claudio, I put my address at the end of this message
      and I visite his web-site. Special thanks too to K.Campbell for all this
      To respond to A.Gimona, our soils have quasi-systematically a superficial
      horizon that is waterproof. But we will have to estimate the problem whith
      a few sandy soils.

      Finaly, I find it's such a great pity to have to read 18 mails for 4
      interessant, a douzain out of subject. Is your work so borring ?

      Lionel Bargeot

      PS: a bargeot in french is a crazy man, and it was either small boats
      tracked by horses along the Saone river.

      26 bvd Dr Petitjean 21000 DIJON
      tel :

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