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GEOSTATS: Arab-Persian-Usbek matematician

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  • Philippe Aubry
    Now, I know : algorythm is Hard Rock ! Dear Colleagues, First, I apologize for my poor english too. In advance, sorry if I shock your exaggerated sensibility
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 1999
      Now, I know : algorythm is Hard Rock !

      Dear Colleagues,

      First, I apologize for my poor english too. In advance, sorry if I shock your exaggerated sensibility ... I'm not very politically correct.

      I wish to thank the constructive comment of Dr. Hossein Arsham because I was not sure that al'Khwarizmi was a Persian ... my mistake !

      Gene Peters wrote :

      >Please: In Standard Written English, February is capitalized and with
      >regard to Latin, the letter "u" was not used; rather "v" was used.
      >Also, I am not positive, but I don't think the "rh" costruction was used
      >in Latin.

      >Thanks for your attention

      Thanks. I wish to make some progress, mainly in English, and secondarily in Latin and Greek.

      Karl M. Syring wrote :

      >this level of hair splitting is really not necessary because the meaning of
      >the message was easy enough to understand.

      First : "hair splitting" is a virtue of mathematician, and perhaps a virtue of statistician. OK, I am a "hair splitter", it is not an insult. France is the country of Descartes, Pascal, Laplace, Cauchy, Galois, Hadamard ... and more recently, Thom, Mandelbrot, Matheron and Journel ... If they were (are) all "hair splitters", then, I am proud to be a "hair splitter" myself ...

      Second : why nobody reply to the initial question of Lionel ?

      Mr. Masked Avenger (a very brave and very sanctimonious scientific ...[comme j'ai honte d'avoir ete aussi vilain ! Bouh !]) wrote :

      >Mr Aubry,
      >The man said his english wasn't very good and apologised for it in the
      >first line of his message. I don't really care about the exact origins
      >of every word anybody uses I just think that we should show each other a
      >bit more understanding and not gratify our overlarge egos by putting
      >people down with snide clever-clever comments. I have just one thing to
      >say to you....


      >Hope you feel bad about your behaviour and a little bit sorry. If not
      >there is no hope. Your arrogance puts the scientific world to shame.
      >Yours Truly,
      >The Masked Avenger.

      First : I don't know your identity dear "Masked Avenger".

      You wrote "I don't really care about the exact origins of every word anybody uses" ...

      Be happy :

      My name is "Philippe Aubry", not "Masked Ugly Duckling"

      the Christian name "Philippe" comes from greek ("philos" = "friend" and "hippos" = "horse")


      the surname "Aubry" is a very old surname of Normandy (in France) and comes from the germanic name "Alberic" (-ric = powerful). This surname is very old, and therefore, it is very widespread. There is a "Aubry lake" in Canada if I remember correctly ...

      "Arse" comes from "Arse" and "Hole" comes from "Hole", and "Arsehole" is much more widespread than "Philippe Aubry" ...

      Second : my mail (perhaps a little too caustic for your sense of humour) was not an attack against Lionel, only a didactic remark (Oh !)

      Third : I am sure that Lionel don't need a nice "Masked avanger" (Ouh !) to call me "Arsehole" (Lionel : "Arsehole" c'est "trou du cul" en anglais d'apres mon dictionnaire ...)

      Gloria victis !

      Philippe Aubry, hair-splitter and, if necessary, "Arsehole", but only with rendez-vous ...

      The End of this marvelous story, let's go back to the initial question ...

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