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GEOSTATS: GIS for Energy '99 -- Final Call for Papers

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  • Martha Gorman
    Please excuse cross-postings Final Call for Papers GIS for Oil & Gas ’99 Conference June 15-17, 1999 Houston, Texas PennWell Corporation DEADLINE FOR
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 1999
      Please excuse cross-postings

      Final Call for Papers
      GIS for Oil & Gas ’99 Conference
      June 15-17, 1999
      Houston, Texas
      PennWell Corporation


      Authors are invited to submit a 300-word abstract to be reviewed for possible presentation at GIS FOR ENERGY '99 Conference. Abstracts of proposed papers must show how the presentation(s) will provide value to the audience and will make a significant contribution to the industry. Abstracts will include clear objectives that focus on benefits to the audience. Preference is given to papers authored or co-authored by operating companies, utilities, service companies, hardware/software companies, engineering firms and contractors. The conference sessions are attended by delegates who are interested in learning about case histories, advancements in technology, solutions to problems, industry trends and strategies. Sales presentations will not be accepted.

      Papers most likely to be selected will possess one or more of the following elements:
      1. End user case studies
      2. Application specific demonstrations
      3. Specific examples of GIS related applications
      4. Design and implementation of GIS data models
      5. Emerging technologies and applications
      6. New products
      7. Trends in GIS for energy
      8. Data acquisition

      Please complete the following abstract submittal form or e-mail Dean Gaddy at deang@... with the abstract as an attachment file.
      Electronic Abstract Submittal Form at: http://www.gisforenergy99.com.
      We will confirm receipt of the abstract.

      DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS IS FEBRUARY 16, 1999. Authors will be notified by March 8, 1999, if their proposed presentation has been accepted. Final manuscripts are due by March 31, 1999. Speaker instructions are sent only to the authors of accepted papers.

      For additional information contact:
      Dean Gaddy - Drilling Editor
      Oil & Gas Journal
      1700 West Loop South, Suite 1000
      Houston, Texas 77027 USA
      Tel: +1.713.963.6245, Fax: +1.713.963.6285,
      E-mail: deang@...

      Electronic Abstract Submittal Form at: http://www.gisforenergy99.com

      Abstract Submittal Data:

      Paper title/subject:

      This paper is best suited to the following topics: (please name topic)
      1st Choice
      2nd Choice

      Has this paper been presented/published before? If yes, give details:
      300 word Abstract Description:

      Authored by:


      Family Name (last name)
      Given Name (first name)
      Postal Code
      Zip Code

      *ATTENTION: Primary Author or Contact Person:
      This is the person to whom the GIS FOR ENERGY '99 Management and Program Committee will send mailings, and the person who will be expected to meet the deadlines and obligations of returning the completed manuscript, registration forms, audio-visual orders and biographical information. It is the responsibility of this primary author or contact person to notify the GIS FOR ENERGY '99 management of any additions, changes or corrections in names of co-authors, title of the paper or availability to present the paper at the appointed time.

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