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GEOSTATS: 1st Announcement- W. on Correlated Data Modeling

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  • Gregori Dario
    First Announcements for the **************************************** ** Workshop on correlated data modeling ** The estimating function approach ** Trieste
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 1999
      First Announcements for the
      ** Workshop on correlated data modeling
      ** The estimating function approach
      ** Trieste (Italy), 22-23 October, 1999
      ** Apologies for any cross-postings

      Methods and applications of estimating equations for the analysis of
      correlated data in social, economic and bio-medical sciences.

      The concept of correlated data is intended in a broad sense. In the
      definition are included spatial, temporal or other kind of correlation
      schemes. In the very last years there has been a growing interest in
      modeling such data, and a lot of models are essentially based on the scheme
      of the estimating functions. The immediate consequence has been an
      impressive growth of applications using such methods appeared in the
      specialized journals.

      The workshop is aimed at giving an opportunity to people working in the
      applied sciences and statisticians and methodologists to meet and discuss
      together on this approach to correlated data.

      Contributions should focus on
      Applications of estimating equations in the analysis of correlated data.
      Case studies are particularly welcome
      Methodological contributions with a potential interest for application
      A nominal participation fee (approximately 30 US$) is established for people
      not presenting their work. People whose paper are accepted for oral
      presentation will have the travel and accommodation expenses re-funded by
      the local university.

      Oral presentations and a poster session will be organized. People working in
      the applied field are particularly encouraged to present their ideas.
      Ideally, we would like to have 12-15 papers suitable for oral presentation.
      Each author should submit an abstract to the organizing committee. After
      acceptance, the author is supposed to send an extended abstract of up to 10
      pages for publication in the proceeding volume, which has to be ready before
      the workshop.

      Deadline for abstract submission 31 may 1999
      Acceptance of contributions 1 July 1999
      Deadline for extended abstract 1 October 1999

      A. Wedlin University of Trieste
      H. Friedl Technical University of Graz
      A. Ferligoj University of Ljubljana
      D. Gregori University of Trieste
      G. Schoier University of Trieste
      G. Carmeci University of Trieste
      R. Berni University of Firenze

      Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Trieste
      P.le Europa, 1 - I34127 Italy
      Phone: +39 0406767927
      Fax: +39 040567543
      Email: gredar@...
      WWW: http://dises17.univ.trieste.it/Wuts/Wuts.htm

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