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GEOSTATS: Krige in arcview

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  • ricardo braga
    For those interested in doing kriging in Arcview: http://andes.esri.com/arcscripts/details.cfm?CFGRIDKEY=-116277766 Ricardo Search Results ESRI Useful Tools
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 1998
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      Kriging1.1 for ArcView Spatial Analyst

      This is a FULL implementation of the kriging commands in Spatial Analyst and includes features like: -1) All methods implemented: For ordinary kriging the spherical, circular, exponential, gaussian and linear methods for modelling the semivariance are available. For universal kriging both options (linear and quadratic drift) have been implemented. -2) Ability to process several methods in a single run. -3) Abilitiy to use selected records for either the calculation of a semivariogram and / or the interpolation -4) Pre-examination of semivariograms on-screen as a layout.(ordinary kriging only, it is not possible to create semivariograms for universal kriging) -5) Ability to print this layout during execution of script (ordinary kriging only). -6) Ability to export semivariogram data to a dBASE, INFO or TEXT file during execution of script for examination of data in another program like excell (ordinary kriging only). -7) Ability to set a barrier line theme -8) Ability to set either a fixed or variable radius -9) Ability to create an optional variance grid for each method. -10) Some help messageboxes included.

      Author: Marco Boeringa
      Primary Software:ArcView 3.x
      Category:ArcView Spatial Analyst
      User Extension?:
      Keywords:kriging, interpolation, surface, DEM, DTM, spatial
      File Size:10.845 KB

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