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    Greetings from the Geography Department of the University of Southern California. We received some e-mail via the AI-GEOSTATS list and want to know who to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 1998
      Greetings from the Geography Department of the University of Southern
      California. We received some e-mail via the AI-GEOSTATS list and want to
      know who to contact about posting a message of general interest to your
      subscribers. Our message would be as follows:


      The University of Southern California, a national research university with
      a full range of academic and professional degree programs located in Los
      Angeles, California, is pleased to announce two exciting graduate programs
      on the cutting edge of environmental and urban interaction:

      1) Distance Learning Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) Certificate Program
      2) Environmental Sciences, Policy and Engineering Sustainable Cities Program

      The GIS program consists of three regular graduate credit GIS courses in
      Spatial Thinking, Analysis and Modeling, and Organizational GIS Issues
      offered entirely by mail and internet. The first course in the series will
      start in January 1999 and every semester thereafter. The program folds in
      several GIS software courses from the ESRI Virtual Campus. The tuition for
      each course is US $2,824, the entire program is about $9000. US residents
      may be able to deduct tuition as an unreimbursed business expense or take
      HOPE tax credits. You must have access to a computer, e-mail, and the
      internet. Complete details can be found at:

      The new USC Doctoral Training Program in Sustainable Cities is funded by
      the National Science Foundation. It is a campus-wide collaborative that
      brings together multiple disciplines involved in environmental research,
      policy and management around the theme of building sustainable cities for
      the 21st century. The Sustainable Cities offers doctoral students a unique
      opportunity to learn to approach environmental problems from a
      sophisticated multifaceted perspective, transcending the conventional
      confines of disciplinary specialization. It will allow doctoral students
      to acquire a profound understanding of how collaborative,
      interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on major environmental problems
      should be conducted.

      The Environmental Sciences, Policy and Engineering Sustainable Cities
      Program is a two year program, integrated into doctoral degree programs,
      which involves course work and participation in faculty collaborative
      research projects on sustainable cities. Participating faculty come from
      the natural and social sciences, engineering, planning, policy and
      management. Collaborative faculty projects are built on strong linkages to
      major decision-makers and stakeholders, and results will have significant
      implications for public policy in the region and beyond.

      PhD students admitted to the Sustainable Cities Program can expect to
      receive Fellowships ($15,000) for two years, awarded on a competitive
      basis. In addition they will receive cost-of-education allowances (to
      cover tuition), and a modest research support fund for the two year
      program. All ESPE-SC students must also be admitted to a USC doctoral
      degree program in their field of specialization (such as geography or urban

      More information and applications can be found on the web at
      Or contact Co-Directors Joseph Devinny (Devinny@...) or Jennifer Wolch
      Or Call (213) 740-7832.

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