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  • Gregoire Dubois
    PRELIMINARY PROGRAM 6th ACM SYMPOSIUM ON GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS WASHINGTON, D.C., USA November 6-7, 1998 Scope of the symposium: This 6th symposium
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      November 6-7, 1998

      Scope of the symposium: This 6th symposium aims at bringing together all
      people carrying out research in novel systems based on spatial data and
      knowledge, within the framework of the 7th International Conference on
      Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM). The emphasis will be
      essentially targeted to the development of generic principles and systems
      in computing based on those applications. Cross-fertilizations and
      between several applications can help to develop new computing knowledge.

      Location: Holiday Inn Bethesda (renamed to "Crowne Plaza" soon),
      8120 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA, Phone: (301) 652-2000;
      Fax: (301) 652-3806


      Preliminary Program

      Friday November 6, 1998

      9.00-9.30 Opening Ceremony
      9.30-10.30 Keynote Speaker Greg Smith, NIMA, USA: "Challenges Facing NIMA
      to 2000 and Beyond"

      10.30-10.45 Break
      10.45-12.15 Plenary Session S1: "New trends in GIS"
      - "Overlapping Linear Quadtrees: a Spatio-temporal Access Method",
      T. Tzouramanis, M. Vassilakopoulos, Y. Manolopoulos, Aristotle University
      of Thessaloniki, Greece
      - "An Integrated Information System on the Web for Catchment", K. Taylor,
      M. Cameron, J. Haines, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia
      - "Geologic Hypermaps are more than Clickable Maps", A. Voisard,
      Free University of Berlin, Germany
      12.15-13.45 Lunch
      13.45-15.15 Parallel Sessions S2 and S3
      Session S2: "Integration and Generalization"
      - "Road Collapse in Magnum", A.N. Wilshut, R. van Zwol, N. Brasa,
      J. Flokstra, University of Twente, The Netherlands
      - "Matching and Aligning Features in Overlayed Coverages", J. M. Ware,
      C. B. Jones University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK
      - "Designing a Library to Support Model-oriented Generalization",
      G. Dettori, E. Puppo, IMA-CNR, Genua, Italy

      Session S3: "Web and GIS"
      - "Integrating Levels of Detail in a Web-based 3D GIS", V. Coors,
      S. Flick, Fraunhofer-Institute, Darmstadt, Germany
      - "Interactive Map Applets for Illustration Purposes". A. Sorokine,
      Regional Science Institute, Sapporo, Japan, and I. Merzliakova,
      Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
      - "Visualizing Real-time GPS Data Internet's VRML Worlds", I. Rakkollainen,
      S. Pulkkinen, A. Heinonnen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland.
      15.15-15.45 Break
      15.45-17.15 Parallel Sessions S4 and S5

      Session S4: "Spatial Modeling"
      - "Bridging Vector and Raster Representation in GIS", S. Winter, Technical
      University of Vienna, Austria
      - "A Software Tool and Techniques for Converting Map Data into an
      Object-Oriented Representation", M. Neal and M. Neal, University of Wales,
      - "Direction as a Spatial Object", S. Shekhar, X. Liu, University of
      Minnesota, USA
      - "Refining an Object-Oriented GIS Design Model: Topologies and Field
      F. Balaguer, S. Gordillo, University of La Plata, Buenos-Aires, Argentina

      Session S5: "Web and GIS"
      - "Development of Metadatabases for Geospatial Data in the WWW", S. Gobel,
      K. Lutze, Fraunhofer-Institute, Darmstadt, Germany
      - " GeoMed for Urban Planning - First Experiences". B. Schmidt, C. Rinner,
      F. Gordon, GMD, Sankt Augustin, Germany
      - "A 3D User Interface for Data-Mining and Visualisation of Web-Based
      Data-sets" I.M. Brown, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

      Saturday November 7, 1998

      9.00-10.00 Keynote Speaker 2: To be Announced
      10.00-10.30 Break
      10.30-12.00 Plenary Session S6 "Constraint-based Spatial Modeling"
      - "Spatio-Temporal Data Handling with Constraints", S. Grumbach, P. Rigaux,
      L. Segoufin, INRIA-CNAM, Paris, France
      - "A Constraint-Based Spatial Extension to SQL". G. Kuper, S. Ramaswamy,
      K. Shim, Bell Laboratories, J. SU, University of California, Santa Barbara,
      - "Compressing TINs", L. De Floriani, P. Magillo, University of Genua,
      E. Puppo, IMA-CNR, Genua, Italy
      12.00-13.30 Lunch
      13.30-15.00 Parallel Sessions S7 and S8

      Session S7: "Spatio-temporal Reasoning"
      - "Requirements, Definitions and Notations for Spatio-temporal Applications
      Environments", P. Pfoser, N. Tryfona, Aalborg University, Denmark
      - "Abstract and Discrete Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Data Types" M. Erwig,
      R.H. Guting, M. Schneider, M. Vazirgiannis, University of Hagen, Germany
      - "Constraint-Based Algorithms for Computing Clique Intersection Joins",
      N. Mamoulis, D. Papadias, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,

      Session S8: Poster Session
      - "A Spatial Data Mining Method by Clustering Analysis" EJ. Son, IS. Kang,
      TW Kim, and KJ LI, Pusan National University, South Korea
      - "Evaluating Parallel R-tree Implementations on a Network of
      N An, L. Qian, A. Sivasubramanian, T. Keefe, Pennsylvania State University,
      - "Bulk Insertion into R-Trees", L. Chen, R. Choubey, EA Rudensteiner,
      Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
      - "A Greedy Algoritm for Bulk Insertion Loading R-trees", YJ Garcia,
      MA Lopez, S. Leutenegger, University of Denver, Colorado, USA
      - "Integration with Spatio-temporal Relationship Operators in SQL", JY Lee,
      KJ Oh, KH Ryu, Chungbuk National University, South Korea
      - "Computational Vision Models for GIS analysis: Intelligent Image
      Simulation as a tool for Thematic Mapping", GL Gimelfarb, University of
      Auckland, New Zealand, and NM Kovalevskaya, Russian Academy of Sciences,
      Moscow, Russia

      15.00-15.30 Break
      15.30-17.30 Plenary Session S9 "Terrain Modeling"
      - "Greedy Cuts: An Advancing Front Terrain Triangulation Algorithm",
      C.T. Silva, IBM Watson Research Center, J.S.B. Mitchell, State University
      of New York, USA
      - "Parallel Distributed Processing for Terrain Visibility Analysis",
      P.J. Rallings, J.A. Ware, D. B. Kidner, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK
      - "Workflow Management in Geoprocessing Applications. Mathias Weske,
      Gottfried Vossen, University of Munster, Germany, Claudia Medeiros,
      University of Campinas, Brazil.

      17.30-17.40 Closing ceremony


      Program Chair: Robert Laurini, Claude Bernard University of Lyon, France

      Program Committee Members

      Patrick Bergougnoux, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
      Azedine Boulmakoul, Hassan II University, Morocco
      Patrice Boursier, University of La Rochelle, France
      Eliseo Clementini, University of Aquila, Italy
      Leila De Floriani, University of Genua, Italy
      Geoffray Edwards, Laval University, Quebec, Canada
      Silvia Gordillo, La Plata University, Buenos Aires, Argentina
      Andreas Henrich, University of Siegen, Germany
      Erlang Jungert, FOA, Linkoping, Sweden
      Werner Kuhn, University of Münster, Germany
      Jacqueline Le Moigne, NASA, Greenbelt, USA
      Ki-Joune Li, Pusan National University, South Korea
      Yannis Manolopoulos, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
      Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, University of Campinas, Brazil
      Richard Muntz, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
      Beng Chin Ooi, National University, Singapore
      Dimitris Papadias, Hong Kong UST, China
      Lutz Plümer, University of Bonn, Germany
      Siva Ravada, Oracle Corporation, Virginia USA
      Jorg-Rudiger Sack, Carleton University, Canada
      Hanan Samet, University of Maryland, USA
      Tapani Sarjakoski, Finnish Geodetic Institute, Finland
      Shashi. Shekhar, University of Minnesota, USA
      Timos Sellis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
      Sylvie Servigne, INSA, Lyon, France
      Kerry Taylor, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia
      Vladimir Tikunov, Moscow State University, Russia
      Nectaria Tryfona, Aalborg University, Denmark
      Andrej Vckovski, Zurich, Switzerland
      Agnes Voisard, Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany
      J. Mark Ware, The University of Glamorgan, UK
      Michael F Worboys, Keele University, UK

      If you have any questions contact appropriate person: on registrations
      (Dr. Park: ekpark@...); on technical programs (Program Chair:
      Dr. Robert Laurini at robert.laurini@...-lyon.fr); on other conference
      and GIS98 related matters (General Chair: Dr. Kia Makki at

      ACM CIKM'98/Workshops/Tutorials Registration Form
      Please complete this form (TYPE or PRINT), and return with your payment to
      the address given below (Please copy this form for additional attendees).

      Your paper number, if any:__________________________

      Your paper title, if



      First Name:_________________________ Last

      Title (Dr/Mr/Ms/Prof.):_____



      City:_______________________________ State:_____ Zip/Postal




      Advance Registration RATE ("received" by October 1, 1998 by CIKM98):

      CIKM98 Reg. Fee:
      ____Member($350.00) ____Non-Member($400.00)

      Tutorial Reg. Fee:
      (each half day)____Member($200.00) ____Non-Member($300.00)

      Circle your choice: T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 (see below for tutorial

      Workshop Reg. Fee:

      (each one day) ACM
      ____Member($200.00) ____Non-Member($250.00)

      Circle your choice: W3 W4 W5 (see below for workshop titles)

      (each two days)____Member($350.00) ____Non-Member($400.00)

      Circle your choice: W1 W2 (see below for workshop titles)


      LATE registration RATE ("received" AFTER October 1, 1998 by CIKM):

      CIKM98 Reg. Fee:
      ____Member($400.00) ____Non-Member($450.00)

      Tutorial Reg. Fee:
      (each half day)____Member($250.00) ____Non-Member($350.00)

      Circle your choice: T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 (see below for tutorial

      Workshop Reg. Fee:

      (each one day) ACM
      ____Member($250.00) ____Non-Member($300.00)

      Circle your choice: W3 W4 W5 (see below for workshop titles)

      (each two days)____Member($400.00) ____Non-Member($450.00)

      Circle your choice: W1 W2 (see below for workshop titles)


      Total Reg. Fees (from above)
      Extra Page Charge:(US$150.00 per page; for author) $_______________
      Extra Conf. Reception Tickets: ($30/each) $_______________
      Extra Conf. Banquet Tickets: ($50/each) $_______________
      Extra copy of conf./Wkshop proceedings: ($50/each) $_______________
      Extra Workshop Reception Tickets:($30/each) $_______________

      Total Fees Enclosed: US
      ** Make check/money order payable to ACM-CIKM98

      Check method of payment: ___Check/money order (payable to ACM-CIKM98)

      ___Company Purchase Order
      (we accept P.O only from companies in USA and
      "ONSITE RATE" (see above) is applied to each


      ACM membership number (required for member

      * Please let us know of your plan for the following events (please put
      check mark):
      | | WILL
      |Nov. 3 CIKM Reception 6:00-8:00PM |
      | |
      |Nov. 4 CIKM Banquet 6:30-9:30PM |
      | |
      |Nov. 5 Workshop Reception (Workshop |
      | |
      | attendees only) 6:30-8:00PM |
      | |

      * TUTORIALS: (for more info please see below/end of this form or visit
      tutorial home page or contact Prof. I.Y. Song at
      songiy@..., Tutorial Chair;

      All Tutorials are Half-Day on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1998 (Morning: 8AM-12NOON;
      Afternoon: 1PM-5PM):

      T1. Data Mining on Large Databases (Morning) Rajeev Rastogi and Kyuseok

      T2. Models in Information Retrieval (Morning) Fredric C. Gey

      T3. Uucertainty Management in Database and Knowledge-base Systems
      (Morning) Laks V.S. Lakshmanan and Fereidoon Sadri

      T4. Data Warehousing Design Techniques for ROLAP (Afternoon) Il-Yeol Song

      T5. Metadata Repositories: Enabling Information Asset Management
      (Afternoon) Sandra Heiler and Gail Mitchell

      * WORKSHOPS: (One "Symposium" and four "workshops" are planned. For more
      info, please visit CIKM home page below or contact Prof. Kia Makki at
      kia@..., Workshop Coordinator)

      W1: GIS'98 Symposium (TWO Days: Nov. 6-7, 1998) - Advances in Geographic
      Information Systems
      (Program Chair: Robert Laurini; laurini@...-lyon.fr)

      W2: NPIVM'98 (TWO Days: Nov. 6-7, 1998) - New Paradigms in Information
      Visualization and Manipulation
      (Program Co-Chair: Charles Nicholas; Nicholas@...)

      W3: WIDM'98 (ONE Day: Nov. 6, 1998) - Web Information and Data
      (Program Chair: Fereidoon Sadri; sadri@...)

      W4: DOLAP'98 (ONE Day: Nov. 7, 1998) - ACM First International Workshop
      on Data Warehousing and OLAP
      (Program Co-Chair: Il-Yeol Song; song@...)

      W5: DART'98 (ONE Day: Nov. 7, 1998)) - Databases: Active and Real Time
      (General Chair: Nandit Soparkar; soparkar@...)

      * Send this registration form with payment (in US Dollars ONLY and make
      checks or money order payable to "ACM-CIKM98") to:

      Dr. EK Park
      Computer Science Telecommunications
      University of Missouri - Kansas City
      4747 Troost Ave., Room 207
      Kansas City, MO 64110 USA
      (816)235-1497; (816)235-5159(fax); ekpark@...

      * The conference registration fee covers a copy of proceedings, conference
      reception, refreshments during the conference, and the dinner banquet.
      Additional reception and banquet tickets can be purchased. Each tutorial
      and workshop registration fees are indicated above as well. Each Workshop
      reg. fee covers a copy of proceedings, workshop reception and refreshments
      during the workshop.

      All payments must be in U.S. dollars. All checks or money orders from banks
      outside the United States should be cashable at a branch of that bank in
      the United States or at any U.S. bank. If you send us check or money order,
      it should have complete "micro encoding line" at the bottom of it (ask your
      bank about this). You can also send Traveler's check of American Express or
      Visa or MasterCard (be sure that you sign each check and make it payable to
      "ACM CIKM98" AND mail it via EXPRESS Carrier Service company such as
      Federal Express, DHL, etc for insured delivery). We accept purchase orders
      from U.S. organizations only and ONSITE RATE (higher rate !!) is applied to
      each purchase order. You are responsible for paying fees to get the check
      or money order from your bank AND any fees imposed on us from your bank to
      issue/deliver your check to CIKM. Student rate attendees must have proper

      Please ASK your organization if they need TAX ID number for the reg. fee
      payment. ACM is the sponsoring organization and so ACM's federal tax id
      will be provided as necessary if it is requested by your organization.

      * CIKM98/Symposium/Workshops/Tutorials will be held at:

      Holiday Inn Bethesda (renamed to "Crown Plaza"
      8120 Wisconsin Avenue
      Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA
      Phone: (301) 652-2000; 301-652-3806(fax)
      Room Rate: $109.00. All room rates are net per room, per night,
      single/double/triple/quad occupancy plus taxes for Nov. 2, 1998 through
      Nov. 7, 1998.

      Individuals to make their own reservations by calling 1-800-HOLIDAY
      (465-4329) and use the group code "CIK" to receive CIKM98 rate. Individuals
      are on their own for payment of room, tax and any incidental charges. All
      reservations must be made prior to the Cut-off date of October 3, 1998.
      After the cut-off date, reservations will be accommodated based on rate(s)
      and rooms available. All reservations must be guaranteed for late arrival
      by a valid credit card or an advance deposit of one night's room and tax.
      Check-in time is 4:00PM.

      Acknowledgement of receipt of the registration form with payment will be
      sent out by e-mail only if you provide your e-mail address. Conference
      registration materials including receipts and proceedings can be picked up
      only at the registration desk on site (there will be extra
      handling/shipping/mailing charges of $200.00 if it needs to be mailed to
      any paid registrants
      with "no show").

      * Refund Policy: Paid registrants who cannot attend, and do not send a
      substitute, are entitled to a refund of paid fees (less a US$200.00
      processing fee) if a request is received in writing on or before September
      30, 1998. Registrants are liable for their full fees after that date (i.e.,
      NO Refund will be made !!). All no-show registrations will be billed in

      * If you have any questions contact appropriate person:
      on registrations: Dr. Park: ekpark@...;
      on technical programs: Program Chairs; Prof. French at
      french@... or Prof. Gardarin at
      on other conference related matters: General Chairs; Dr. Charles
      Nicholas at nicholas@...; or Dr. Niki Pissinou at
      on symposium/workshops: contact program chairs (see the list in the
      sympposium/workshop section above).

      * Please visit our WWW site for up-to-date CIKM98 program information and
      related activities: http://www.cs.umbc.edu/cikm
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      *As a general service to list users, please remember to post a summary
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