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92Re: GEOSTATS: Kriging software

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  • CARSON@merlin.ohm.com
    Feb 11, 1997
      Andrew Swales posted the following:

      > Dear Geostatisticians,
      > I am a coastal scientist new to both geostatistics and this list. I wish to
      surface a 500 m length of beach based on profiles, surveyed at 30 m
      intervals, using Kriging and then compute beach volumes within specified
      boxes. The SURFER software (version 6) implements Kriging (and volume
      calculations) but does not appear to provide the error variance for each
      computed grid node value, even though the kriging weights have been
      > Can anyone suggest a PC based software package that will provide the error
      variance and has good graphical tools (similar to SURFER). I am using the
      Variowin 2.2 software to model the semi-variograms.
      > thanks in advance
      > Andrew Swales email: a.swales@...
      > ------------------------------------------------- Andrew Swales National
      >Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Box 11-115, Hamilton, New Zealand
      >Ph. +64-7-856 1761, Fax +64-7-856 0151 eMail a.swales@...


      I heartily recommend the GeoEAS package. It is a public domain package
      produced several years ago by the US EPA under the supervision of EPA
      geostatisticians at (what was then) Environmental Monitoring and Support
      Laboratory - Las Vegas. DOS, VMS and, I believe, UNIX versions are available.

      Another reasonable possibility, if you have SPLUS, is the SPLUS Spatial Stats
      package. I have had GeoEAS and the SPLUS package for several years. I still
      tend to use GeoEAS more.

      John Carson (carson@...)
      Sr. Project Statistician
      OHM Remediation Services Corp.
      voice: 419-425-6156
      fax: 419-424-4991
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