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919GEOSTATS: workshops at IAMG'98

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  • Dr. Antonella Buccianti
    Aug 3, 1998
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      IAMG'98 - The Annual Conference of the International Association for
      Matheamtical Geology
      5-9 Ocotber, 1998 - Ischia Island (Naples), Italy

      October, 8 - One day Tutorial Workshop - Topics and Lectures

      Workshop W1 - Spatio/Temporal Analysis of Natural Systems
      by George Christakos

      Workshop W2 - New methods and Concepts in Mathematical Geology
      by Frits P. Agterberg and Qiuming Cheng

      Workshop W3 - Geostatistical Simulation in Geology
      by Alain Galli and Margaret Armsotrong

      Workshop W4 - Basic Geostatistics
      by Vera Pawlwosky-Glahn

      Workshop W5 - Environmental Spatial Data Analysis. Do it yourself with
      Spatial Statistics and neural Networks.
      by Michel Maignan, Mikhail Kanevski, Roberto Bruno, Giuseppe raspa and Canu

      Workshop W6 - Environmental Geostatistics
      by Roberto Bruno, Chantal de Fouquet and Giuseppe Raspa

      Workshop W7 - Predicitve Modeling of Geologic Hazard using Bayesian
      Probability and Fuzzy Sets
      by Chang-Jo F. Chung and Andrea Fabbri

      Information on www.unina.it/dgv/iamg98.html

      IAMG'98 Conference Secretariat
      Dr. Antonella Buccianti

      Dr. Antonella Buccianti
      Department of Earth Sciences
      University of Florence
      Via G. La Pira, 4 50121 - Firenze
      tel. (+39)-55-2757496
      fax: (+39)-55-284571
      e-mail: buccianti@...

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