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90Re: GEOSTATS: Kriging software

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  • Jurgen Herbschleb
    Feb 11, 1997
      > Can anyone suggest a PC based software package that will
      > provide the error variance and has good graphical tools (similar to
      > SURFER). I am using the Variowin 2.2 software to model the
      > semi-variograms.
      You may like to take a look at the program GMS. GMS has good
      visualisation tools and geostatistics, including (semi)variogram

      For information: http://www.terraware.nl/

      Kind Regards,

      Jurgen Herbschleb

      TerraWare Email: info@...
      Noordeinde 18a WWW: http://www.terraware.nl
      P.O. Box 621 Tel: +31-(0)70-346 4764
      2514 GH The Hague Fax: +31-(0)70-364 9916
      The Netherlands
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