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892GEOSTATS: 3Plot new version

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  • Mikhail Kanevski
    Jul 1, 1998
      Dear colleagues,

      we are pleased to announce a new release of the 3Plot software for Windows.
      3Plot is a powerful pre- and post processor for visualising spatial data
      in 2D and preliminary statistical analysis. It can be use for both research
      and teaching purposes. Previous beta version (June 1997) has found more
      than 400 users all over the world. And we greatly appreciate all the
      comments and suggestion we have received from them along with nice post
      cards. In the new version we tried to solve some of them.

      The new features in this thoroughly debugged version (4.0) are: calculation
      of Voronoi polygons' squares, more image window options (select, fit, edit
      legend palette, etc.), new installation program.

      3Plot is a basic graphic shell for GEOSTAT OFFICE software. GEOSTAT OFFICE
      includes the full cycle step-by-step geostatistical analysis from data
      management to predictions/simulations and export to GIS. GEOSTAT OFFICE
      software will be presented at IAMG'98, October 1998 (the paper is submitted
      to section 2) and at the workshop.

      IAMG 98 W5 workshop (http://www.unina.it/dgv/iamg98.html).
      "Environmental spatial data analysis. Do it yourself with spatial
      statistics and neural networks"
      "Case studies of soil pollution for decision system support with spatial
      statistics packages (Geostat Office, Faipack, Multigeo) and with neural
      network residual kriging and generalized regression".
      Prof. Michel Maignan, University of Lausanne, Switzerland; e-mail:
      Prof. Mikhail Kanevski, IBRAE Institute of Nuclear Safety, Moscow, Russia;
      Prof. Roberto Bruno, University of Bologna, Italy;
      Prof. Giuseppe Raspa, University of Roma, La Sapienza, Italy;
      Dr. S. Canu, Heudyasic, University of Compiegne, France.

      3Plot is a shareware with a three months free trial period from June till
      September 1998. It has been developed with a partial support from INTAS
      94-2361 and 96-1957.

      We welcome our old users and all new comers to try and enjoy 3Plot from:

      We are aware of some problems with downloading from our Moscow FTP site.
      Thus, we offer two additional download locations via Geocities (USA) and
      Podolsk (Relcom, Russia)

      We are still glad to receive any comments about our software and will be
      happy to consider


      Yours faithfully,


      52 B. Tulskaya, 113191, Moscow, Russia
      e-mail: 3plot@..., m_kanevski@...
      Fax: (7-095) 202 8622

      Prof. Mikhail Kanevski
      Institute of Nuclear Safety,
      B.Tulskaya 52
      113191 Moscow, Russia
      Fax: +007-(095)-958 11 51

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