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792GEOSTATS: space-time analysis

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  • Linda Lilburne
    May 3, 1998

      A colleague has some data on the presence of Tb in possums in NZ
      forests. The possums were trapped along 10 irregular (not straight)
      lines of 20 traps for 3 consecutive nights, each year for 5 years.
      Therefore we have locations of possums with Tb and the location of
      possums without Tb. What she would like to test statistically is
      (1) whether there are 'hot spots' of Tb (ie Tb not distributed regularly or
      randomly), and
      (2) whether these 'hot spot' persist through time (years).

      Suggestions are welcome as to what statistical test is appropriate and
      what shareware software is available to help her with this analysis. She
      has tried without success the sample disk that comes with the book
      Interactive spatial data analysis / Trevor C. Bailey, Anthony C. Gatrell

      i will summarise
      Linda Lilburne (lilburnel@...)
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