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777GEOSTATS: variogram modelling

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  • Wiktoria Daniels
    Apr 21, 1998
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      I am interested in obtaining programs that may be used to
      automatically fit a model variogram. My application requires
      large numbers of variograms to be fitted to small datasets therefore
      speed and consistency are important. However, the code need not
      attempt to resolve any complex structure as it is likely that
      there will be insufficient information available for this to be
      Does anyone know of any software suitable for the above application ?
      Any method is fine e.g. fitting by least squares but I would prefer,
      although any language is probably ok, source code in FORTRAN so that
      I can easily fit it together with other tools.
      I will post a summary of any responses sent directly.
      Many thanks,
      Wiktoria Daniels
      email wiktoria.daniels@...
      Wiktoria Daniels
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