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686GEOSTATS: co-kriging

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  • Gunther Schmidt
    Feb 3, 1998
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      Hello everybody,

      I'm trying to interpolate climatic data like precipation values and
      fog-duration measured over the whole year and for every month. The
      exploration area is the entire territory of germany so there is
      a large amount of input data (> 1500 values). First I used
      variogram analysis and ordinary kriging for geostatistical
      examination (made with FUZZEKS).

      In fact I've got quite good results, but I think there will be much
      better results if I could include elevation data additionally. For
      this case I would like to use the co-kriging method.

      So my question is: Does anybody know or have a (freeware-)software
      that allows me to apply co-kriging to my dataset? Another question:
      Does anybody have further experiences in interpolating fog-data?

      Thank you for your responses, best regards,
      Gunther Schmidt

      Dipl.Geol. Gunther Schmidt
      Geographisches Institut
      Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet Kiel
      Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 14
      D-24098 Kiel

      Tel.: 0431/880-3432
      FAX : 0431/880-4658
      e-mail: schmidt@...-kiel.de
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