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651GEOSTATS: Civilian Astronauts

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  • cac@mail.phoenix.net
    Jan 1, 1998
      We got your name on a key word search of a commercial e mail data base
      which suggested that you might be interested in space travel.

      This is a one time mailing.


      Subject: Space Flight

      as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and featured on Microsoft/NBC....

      Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut?

      Now is your chance!

      With the Civilian Astronauts Corps -


      you can experience the wonders and excitement of space travel!

      The Civilian Astronauts Corps, CAC, is organized to make
      space flight possible for its members.

      The CAC flight will be much like Alan Shepard's, the first American in
      space. Its vertical ascent will be in excess of 2,500 miles per hour.
      Those on board will experience the uniqueness of about four minutes of
      continuous zero gravity. The thrilling view of the infinite heavens is
      almost impossible to describe.

      Only the first 2,000 applicants will qualify for flight membership in
      the CAC.

      The flights are planned to start on July 4, 1999 just off the coast of
      Galveston, Texas.

      A flight membership costs only $3,500.

      Those who have not yet decided to fly can also participate in
      the Civilian Astronauts Corps.

      A General Membership is available for only $100 and includes:

      a lapel pin,
      membership card,
      certificate of participation
      a subscription to the CAC news letter, COUNTDOWN
      an invitation to the pre launch party July 3, 1999.


      Visit our website at

      and join us in this great adventure!

      For more information send a SASE to:

      Civilian Astronauts Corps
      Suite 2000
      403 NASA Road 1 East
      Houston, Texas 77598

      E-mail us at cac@...
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