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  • GEOMATH:Jeffrey Yarus
    Dec 16, 1997
      The AAPG GIS Volume entitled: Graphic Information Systems in Petroleum
      Exploration and Production is now underway. We are presently looking
      for a few good reviewers to help us with the articles which are due in
      January. The volume will consist of about 15 articles contributed by
      authors from Exxon, Univ. of Salzburg, Geodynamic Solutions, BDM
      Technologies, Amoco, Dynamic Graphics, PI Dwights, British Petroleum,
      Geotech Computer Systems, ESRI, Berry & Associates, and Spatial
      Information Systems. A keynote paper by Keith Turner will set the stage
      for the volume, and T.C. Coburn and myself will provide an introduction.

      Those interested must be able to complete the reviews in one month's
      time . The manuscripts are expected to be available beginning in
      January. Reviewers will be graciously acknowledged in the volume.
      Please respond to my email address or to Tim Coburn at

      J. Yarus, Chairman, AAPG Publications
      Jeffrey M. Yarus, Ph.D.
      Manager of Reservoir Characterization
      GEOMATH, Inc.
      200 Westlake Park Blvd.
      Houston, Texas 77079

      Tel: 281.293.8550 (ext. 15) Fax: 281. 293.8294 WEB:

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