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609GEOSTATS: Re:Random permuation vs Montecarlo

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  • Yoshiro Nagao
    Dec 1 8:59 PM
      Sorry for confusing you all.

      efraim rodrigues <efraim@...> sama said:
      >Hi Ramdom People!
      >I would like to have more details on the Random permutation vs MC question.
      >The methodology that was described by Yoshiro Nagao sounds like the basic
      >MC method to me.
      >Is it solely a question of naming (ramdom permutation is more of a
      >descriptive name), while Monte Carlo reminds us of cards, shuffling, etc?
      >Yoshiro seemed to mean that a Monte Carlo test was something else. What
      >would that be?

      I do not know the exact definition of Montecarlo.
      (Unfortunately I myself do not gamble and never been there.)

      The '(complete) permutation test' that Phil refers to
      seems not Montecarlo at all, as it runs through all the permutation.

      However I found some paper which called the 'random permutation' as

      I think it is because the name 'montecarlo' is more familiar to us.

      I want to know the definition and difference between them, myself.

      International Centre for Kobe University
      Kobe University

      Nagao Yoshiro
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