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608GEOSTATS: Re:interpolation methods

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  • Yoshiro Nagao
    Dec 1, 1997
      Hi, Nicola

      "Nicola Fohrer" <Nicola.Fohrer@...-giessen.de> sama said:
      >Dear colleagues,
      >what kind of interpolation method would you recommend if the data base
      >is too weak for variogram analysis?
      >best wishes

      Please find the attached opinion I received from some
      ( I am not sure he is in this ML. )

      In my opinion, method must be chosen up to the underlying

      diffusion of chemical substance,
      diffusion of mosquitoes...,
      distribution of minerals in soil,

      all these seem to require different interpolation.

      Although Kriging seems to be now 'vogue', the logic is very hard to
      understand for me, and medical doctors, biologists.

      A report from Department of Environment and Community Medicine(US)
      "although kriging is a statistically optimal method, it is not markedly
      better than simpler iterpolation algorithms, though it is
      considerably more complex to use."

      Also you'd better apply more than 1 method and compare their

      Sorry for an inadequate answer.

      International Centre for Medical Research
      Kobe University
      Nagao Yoshiro
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