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526GEOSTATS: listserver for S-PLUS users

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  • Norm Finkelstein
    Oct 14, 1997
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      Hello to all,

      I'm looking for the [e-mail address of] listserver for S-PLUS users and I
      seem to be unable to locate it; would anybody have any idea where it is.

      Also, I am not quite clear as to which queries would be appropriate to
      post to this server and which to the S-PLUS one. My two queries
      deal with:
      (a) export of intensity of point patterns (smoothed quartic kernel)
      image back to GIS from S-PLUS (SPLANCS), and;
      (b) conversion of a non-S-SPLUS format (character) column of 'yyyy/mm/dd
      form to S-PLUS formats (date: mm/dd/yy or julian) for use in
      space-time clustering analysis in SPLANCS module.

      I would appreciate if somebody could illuminate the
      distinction(s) in the queries to be posted at this listserver and the
      S-PLUS listserver, preferably employing my two queries as samples.

      Additionally, I would be interested to hear from anybody who'd used
      kriging in modelling air pollution (TSP, PM-10, SO2, PAH, etc.) at the
      reception end (as opposed to emitting); if they are interested and have
      time to spare, we could compare notes on kriging methods, relevance of TSA
      in a wind-driven phenomenon, assumptions, etc.

      Thanks to all who will respond,

      Norm Finkelstein

      ** Norm Finkelstein * Institute of Environment and Health **
      ** Research Assistant * Environmental Health Programme **
      ** Air & Water Pollution * McMaster University **
      ** GIS & Spatial Statistics * Hamilton, Ontario, Canada **

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