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496GEOSTATS: summary: 3d grid viewer

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  • vasilis@arch.imbc.gr
    Sep 30 1:50 AM
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      Many thanks to Karim Aoudia, Jurgen Herbschleb, Med Bennett, and Uwe Hoepfner
      for their replies on 3d grid viewer request. Their replies:

      Karim Aoudia:
      GMT allows you 3D mapping.
      You may ftp it from pub/gmt on any of the following sites. Try
      the site that is closest to you to minimize transmission times:
      Site FTP address
      SOEST, U. of Hawaii kiawe.soest.hawaii.edu []
      Geosciences Lab., NOAA amos.grdl.noaa.gov []
      Dept. of Geology, U. in Oslo, Norway granitt.uio.no []
      It's better to download everything in pub/gmt

      Jurgen Herbschleb:
      You may like to use GMS, see our WWW pages for details.

      Med Bennett:
      Check out IDL - http://www.rsinc.com.
      It has a 3-D grid isosurface/slicer capability. It retails for $1500
      for the PC version - not sure what the Sun version costs.

      Uwe Hoepfner:
      We do this with our 3D- mining software (Earth vision/Dynamic
      Graphics and Entec/Surpac http://www.wismut.de), but I think you
      can also use 3D-tools from GIS like the voxel analyst from Intergraph.
      Another idea is to use a with lot�s of graphic procedures like IDL
      (Interactive Data Language). The mining/GIS software is VERY expensive,
      but IDL has a student version (100$). Have a look at:


      Vasilis Valavanis
      Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
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