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485GEOSTATS: variogram modelling

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  • Vijay Sathya
    Sep 19, 1997
      Phd student in distress
      I'am a phd student(in switzerland) working on uncertainity analysis in
      air pollution modelling.A part of the uncertainity comes from the
      interpolation process.I've just finished analysing data sets for
      temperature in the domain and the variogram structure during the day is
      very different from that during the night.

      So if I intend to use kriging must I build and use different variogram models
      for the night and day periods.??

      Is second order stationarity a must in the variogram model used for kriging??

      I would also like to have some information on softwares for variogram

      I would be extremely gratefull for any assistance provided.

      Thanking all of you
      vijay sathya

      vijay. sathya
      Numerical modelling group
      Swiss federal research institute
      phone: (+41) 21 693 2726
      fax: (+41) 21 693 3626

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