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395RE: GEOSTATS: Variogram Modelling for Kriging with External Drift (limited hard data case)

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  • Syed Abdul Rahman
    Jun 19, 1997
      Re: the above, some additional comments in addition to the two
      earlier comments:

      1. Couldn't agree more with S. Johnstone's comments re: incorporating
      geological info. Again, as mentioned ealier, problem is non-stationarity;
      18 km is a large distance, one end could be a river channel system with
      the other being a marine sand. Some familiarity with the basin model would
      be crucial for successful modeling.

      2. Probabilistic reserves techniques would do well with conditional simulation,
      and if this is your goal, then simulate.

      3. Ensure averaging volume for well averaged velocities and and seismic values
      are most or less comparable; since you plan to use the seismically derived
      correlation structure for the well data.

      4. Hole structure indicates some sort of periodicty in the lateral direction; this
      might be significant (a channel belt system)?

      Good luck.

      Regards, Syed

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