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355GEOSTATS: new book: Introduction to Geostatistics. Applications in Hydrogeology

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Jun 1, 1997

      a new book about our "hobby"...

      Introduction to Geostatistics: Applications in Hydrogeology

      Kitanidis, P.K.

      Introduction to Geostatistics presents practical techniques for engineers
      and earth scientists who routinely encounter interpolation and estimation
      problems when analyzing data from field observations. Requiring no background
      in statistics, and with a unique approach that synthesizes classic and
      geostatistical methods, this book offers linear estimation methods for
      practitioners and advanced students. Well illustrated with exercises
      and worked examples, Introduction to Geostatistics is designed for
      graduate-level courses in earth sciences and environmental engineering.

      Contents: 1. Introduction/ 2. Exploratory Data Analysis/
      3. Intrinsic Model/ 4. Variogram Fitting/ 5. Anisotropy/
      6. Variable Mean/ 7. More Linear Estimation/ 8. Multiple Variables/
      9. Estimation and GW Models/ A. Probability Theory Review/
      B.Lagrange Multipliers/ C. Generation of Realizations

      1997 269 pp.

      Hardback 0-521-58312-8 $74.95
      Paperback 0-521-58747-6 $29.95

      For ordering, check out http://www.cup.org/Titles/58/0521583128.html



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