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32GEOSTATS: variogram model- further clarification

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  • Mohammad J Abedini
    Jan 20, 1997
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      Referring back to my original request on variogram modeling, I should
      again thank the list member for their great collaboration. Something which
      is still not clear to me is some aspect of question 3 and even the list
      were silent on that aspect. I will reiterate it in another format to see
      if I could possibly receive some help.

      Obviously enough, if the spatial pattern is isotropic, then the variogram
      is direction invariant. However, if the spatial pattern is anisotropic
      (such as zonal or geometric anisotropic), then still a single variogram
      could be defined but with more work which will look after the variation in
      the behaviour of variogram in all directions.

      In summary, if one wants to make a link between the content of chapter 16
      in Isaaks and Srivastava and anisotropic parameter (i.e., anis) in GSLIB,
      then how that link in terms of understanding could be made?

      By reading chapter 20 of "Handbook of applied hydrology" (Maidment, ed.),
      I was advised to look at the following paper:

      Gelhar, L. W., and C. L. Axness, "Three-dimensional stochastic analysis of
      macrodispersion", WRR, vol. 19, no. 1., pp. 161-180, 1983.

      After reading two or three pages of that paper, I forgot what my
      original question was.

      Anyway, your comments in that regard is greatly appreciated.

      Best of luck.
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