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295GEOSTATS: Questions about universal and IRF-k kriging

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  • Terence Donoghue
    Apr 24, 1997
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      Hello All,

      I am a geostatistics novice seeking to apply an objective
      statistical tool to some 3-D environmental sampling data. We
      do artificial tracer release experiments to study horizontal and
      vertical mixing processes in the ocean. We release our tracer
      onto a constant density surface. We then sample the tracer's
      spatial distribution on an irregularly spaced horizontal grid pattern
      with approximately 25 data points in the vertical at each
      sample location. The results are vertically integrated. We get
      various "patchy" tracer distributions in the horizontal plane depending
      on the mixing. I'm looking for a software package and reference
      materials to explore both universal kriging and intrinsic random
      function of order k processing. Our requirements are that I cannot
      assume a stationary mean. I need to assume a gradient in the mean
      within a window, and I would like to calculate the uncertainties in a
      global mean not just uncertainties at a point.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

      Terence Donoghue

      Terry Donoghue, Sr. Research Asst. T: 508-289-2945
      Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution F: 508-457-2194
      Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Dept. E: tdonoghue@...
      Woods Hole, MA 02543
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