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259GEOSTATS: guided interpolation

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  • Maribeth Milner
    Mar 28, 1997
      contours at the edges (edge effects). Recently, I talked to someone who
      gets around this problem by constraining the analysis as averages over what
      was expected to be homogeneous areas (polygons). Of course, the homogeneous
      areas were subject to modeling and mapping errors.

      I'm interested in hearing how people deal with edges during surface
      modeling (short of cropping out the edges, designating homogeneous polygons
      or making assumptions about outliers). [i.e. assume you need to interpolate
      a surface over a given area, but you only have data within that area]

      Also, I've heard of constraining/tying rainfall to elevation during
      interpolation (Hutchinson's work). Have others used ancillary data to
      constrain their surfaces?


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