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2Re: GEOSTATS: Graphics Conversion Codes

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  • Wendelin Reich
    Dec 30 6:08 PM
      DWMCCARN@... wrote:

      > I'm looking for a shareware graphics converter that will allow me to convert
      > HPGL, HPGL2, or EPS (PostScript) files to a format that Windows can handle.
      > Could anyone suggest a good package?

      I've made a dumb port of the X11-HPGL Viewer 'xhpgl' to Windows (Win32)
      and integrated it in the geographical/geostatistical package developed
      at our departement (GraphGeo).
      The package, of course, is copyrighted, but the port will be made
      available as PD.

      It would be easy to change the code (C++) to write the output to a
      Metafile (*.wmf, can be handled by almost any application). It is,
      however, not speed-optimized (the front-end is an oversized
      lex/yacc-parser) and I didn't port the text routines. Maybe it would be
      a starting point.

      If you are no programmer, get MS-Word, it features an integrated
      HPGL2->WMF converter.


      Wendelin Reich wreich@...
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      Geographisches Institut der Tel (priv.): +49-551-35906
      Universitaet Goettingen
      D-37077 Goettingen, Germany

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