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196re: GEOSTATS: Geoeas on Solaris

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  • Alison_Riding@adas.co.uk
    Mar 12, 1997
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      Unfortunately I had a lot of these problems installing GEOEAS for Unix, a
      few months ago, and gave up !! Hope you have better luck.

      Dr Alison Riding
      WV6 8TQ

      Tel: +44 (0) 1902 693129
      Fax: +44 (0) 1902 693166
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      >From owner-ai-geostats@..., on 12/03/97 08:54:
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      Has anyone tried installing geoeas on a sun workstation? I'm not having
      much luck getting geoeas to work on my sun solaris 2.4 workstation. The
      only binary that works is prevar. Xstat1, vario etc get hung up on
      displaying the menu screen - i.e. I get the opening screen, (press <ret> to
      continue), then get a '-' in the top left and nothing more.

      I wonder if the problem might be that the binaries are for SunOS, or that I
      am running openwindows?

      So then I tried getting the source and compiling using GNU's gcc
      and fortran compilers and get a *lot* of errors - it falls over as soon as

      Has anyone got geoeas working on a solaris 2.4 machine? If so, do
      you have any clues for me?

      Linda Lilburne (email: lilburnel@...)
      Scientist - spatially based systems
      Landcare Research NZ
      P.O. Box 69, Lincoln, New Zealand
      Ph +64 3 325 6700 Fax +64 3 325 2418
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