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1642GEOSTATS: sampling in ArcView

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  • Steve Bousquin
    Sep 13, 2000
      Can anyone suggest a procedure for randomly sampling an area in ArcView for
      location of quadrats (sample units of a set area)?

      My intitial reaction (although I do not know how to do it) is to somehow lay a
      grid of blocks of a specified size over the area (or a set of points a specified
      distance apart), get the grid intersection or point coordinates into a table,
      and sample randomly from this table, which will give me a list of selected
      points, each of which will represent a location for placement of the corner of a
      quadrat when field sampling (the distance between points will be the length of
      the side of a quadrat).

      A neat solution would additionally let me lay the grid on and sample points only
      within specified polygons, because the sample will be stratified by certain
      polygon attributes (i.e., there will be different random samples from different
      subsets of polygons).

      I have ArcInfo coverages for the area in question, which I view and manipulate
      in ArcInfo. I am not a GIS technician.



      Stephen G. Bousquin

      Kissimmee Division
      South Florida Water Management District
      West Palm Beach, FL


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