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1581GEOSTATS: Summary: fractal dimension of spatial correlation

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Nov 16, 1905
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      Dear all,

      here is the list of references I was looking for about
      the use of fractals to analyse spatial correlation.

      Thanks a lot to

      Jennifer Dungan, Chris Lloyd, Charles Pearson, Sytze de Bruin,
      Niels Nielsen, Pierre Goovaerts, Joao Felipe Costa (I hope I didn't forget

      Best regards


      Nikora, V.; Pearson, C.P.; Shankar, U. (1999).
      Scaling properties in landscape patterns: New Zealand experience.
      Landscape Ecology 14: 17-33.

      De Jong, S.M., and Burrough, P.A. (1995).
      A fractal approach to the classification of Mediterranean
      vegetation types in remotely sensed images.
      Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 61(8):1041-1053.

      Bian, L. and S. J. Walsh (1993)
      Scale dependencies of vegetation and topography in a mountainous environment
      of Montana. Professional Geographer, 45: 1-11.

      Klinkenberg, B. and M. F. Goodchild (1992)
      The fractal properties of topography: A comparison of methods.
      Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 17: 217-234.

      Tate, N. (1998)
      Estimating the fractal dimension of synthetic topographic surfaces.
      Computers and Geosciences, 24, 325-334.

      Wen, R. and R. Sinding-Larsen (1997)
      Uncertainty in fractal dimension estimated from power spectra and variograms.
      Mathematical Geology, 29: 727-753.

      Goovaerts, P., G. Gerard, and R. Frankart. (1989).
      Etude de la variabilite spatiale de quelques proprietes chimiques du
      sol en Fagnes de Chimay, Belgique.
      Pedologie, 39(1): 191-207. (in French)

      Costa & Dimitrakopoulos (1998)
      A conditional fractal (fBm) simulation approach for orebody modelling
      Int. Journal of Surface mining and Reclamation12: pages ??
      Joao Felipe Costa


      Fractal applications can be found in the thesis from Joao Felipe Costa
      in (chapter 6) available for downloading at


      Gregoire Dubois
      Section of Earth Sciences
      Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography
      University of Lausanne

      Currently detached in Italy


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