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1564GEOSTATS: Kriging and search radius & future of AI-GEOSTATS

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Nov 4, 1905
      Dear all,

      the list has been very quiet since the chaos due to
      the virus...

      My question is the following: most practitioners use
      a search radius or a limited number of neighbouring points
      to do the estimation with kriging while the semivariogram is
      modelled on the whole data set. This should have some impact
      on the kriging variance and I was wondering if anything has
      been written about it.

      Comments and references are welcome.

      I suggest you post the replies on the list instead of me to
      stimulate the discussions.

      Something else about the future of AI-GEOSTATS.

      AI-GEOSTATS will be hosted elsewhere at the end of the month
      of June. If you have links or bookmarks to ai-geostats, please use
      www.ai-geostats.org which will redirect you to the correct address.
      Since I will redesign the web pages, any suggestions and comments
      about the existing site are welcome.

      Best regards


      Gregoire Dubois
      Section of Earth Sciences
      Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography
      University of Lausanne

      Currently detached in Italy


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