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1473RE: GEOSTATS: Modeling Spatial Distribution of Landmines

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  • Frank Breen
    Feb 4, 2000
      Well in response to ignorance regarding the use of landmine, I am happy to
      say I have had no experience with mines. I do, however, find the problem an
      interesting one and hope you can find a reasonable approach to solving this



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      > Subject: RE: GEOSTATS: Modeling Spatial Distribution of Landmines
      > >Let's face it, landmines are
      > used to kill people, so therefore, there is likely a higher
      > probablity that
      > they will be placed in areas where people are likely travel.<
      > Actually, killing people is seldom a purpose of landmines. Most doctrines
      > (again, for the armies advanced enough to follow doctrines)
      > suggest that an
      > injury is preferable to death. This is primarily because an
      > injury is more
      > of an immediate burden on the enemy's logistical system (takes
      > two soldiers
      > to carry one stretcher, etc.). Furthermore, mines are often used as an
      > area denial weapon. Armies can put mines out where they don't want anyone
      > (including themselves) to go. In most cases, mine warfare doctrine opens
      > with something like "Mines are a weapon that attacks the enemy's
      > ability to
      > maneuver..." Antitank mines go after vehicles and antipersonnel
      > mines both
      > protect the antitank mines and go after walking personnel.
      > Your fundamental observation that we should be able to assign probability
      > based on known placement tactics is, however, a good one. In this case,
      > domain knowledge should include mine warfare doctrine of the armies (or
      > terrorists, or para-military, etc.) that placed the mines.
      > Good luck,
      > Steve Riese
      > SteveRiese@...

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