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1462GEOSTATS: Snowfall Response

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  • Matt
    Jan 28, 2000
      In response to:

      Without more specific info, it's hard to answer your
      questions, but here are my 2 thoughts. Are your grids
      akin to utilization distributions, i.e., do they form
      something similar to an elevation surface? If so,
      isn't then possible to simply calculate a correlation
      coefficient describing the degree of similarity in
      distributions, i.e., areas with high snow in grid 1
      will have high snow in grid 2?

      Wayne Thogmartin

      1. The data from my grid is in the form of an
      elevation surface, (x,y,z) where z is the elelevation.

      2. About the correlation, I am a novice at statistics,
      but point in the right direction, with an example
      calculation, would be very helpful. Describing the
      degree of similarity between the 2 surfaces is a
      start, but I'd also like to compare 2 sections
      (similar in geographical nature) between the 2 grids.
      Example, if both grids can somehow be broken up into 9
      blocks of data (3x3), how can I show that the
      north-east corner of grid 1 has statistically
      different snow fall than the north-east corner of grid
      2. I am not interested in comparing NE corner of grid
      1 with the SW corner of grid 2, or any such
      combination between the grids.

      I should also mention that my first posting was
      slightly simplified. Not all nodes on both grids have
      20 years of data, some nodes may have 15 years, while
      other nodes may have as much as 30 years. I'm not sure
      how this would work into the calculations.


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