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1280GEOSTATS: Variogram calculation of irregular spaced data with GSLIB2.

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  • Octavi Fors Aldrich
    Jun 9, 1999
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      Hello everybody,

      I'm novice using GSLIB2, and after taking a quicklook in the User's Guide,
      I've missed one capability in gamv.f program. When calculating variogram
      gamma(h) (whatever option you choose) it could be interesting to have h
      as a non-equally distributed distances array. Unfortunately, it
      seems that gamv.f outputs h as an equally-grided one. This is not
      important when number of points per lag is high, but not the same when
      it's low.

      I was wondering if anybody has "patched" this issue by adding some
      code lines to gamv.f. Any experiences?

      Thanks in advance,



      Octavi Fors Aldrich

      Astronomy Department
      Physics Faculty
      Avgda. Diagonal 647
      08028 Barcelona

      Telf: 34-934021122
      Fax: 34-934021133
      e-mail: octavi@...


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