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1259GEOSTATS: Linear Model of Coregionalization

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  • gerhard
    Jun 1 4:10 PM
      Dear all,

      I am looking for the "ultimate" truth about the Linear Model of

      I want to model the variograms of variable A and B, and the
      cross-variogram of variables A-B. The variogram and cross-
      variogram models cannot be built independently from one
      another (Issaks & Srivastava, 1989; Goovaerts, 1997).
      This is where the Linear Model of Coregionalization comes
      into play: any basic model that is included in the cross-
      variogram model must be included in all the variogram
      models (ibid.).
      I have a program for calculating variogram and cross-
      variogram models that can handle only one basic model for
      each (cross-) variogram, i.e. no nested structures are allowed.
      From the above description of the Linear Model of
      Coregionalization does it now follow that

      Question 1:
      if I use e.g. a spherical model for the cross-variogram of
      variables A-B, I have to use a spherical model for both, the
      variogram of variable A and the variogram of variable B?
      And further:

      Question 2:
      The ranges of both variogram models and the range of the cross-
      variogram model have to be identical?

      Question 3:
      What are the consequences of violating the Linear Model of
      Coregionalization? Some people seem to think that it is o.k.
      to ignore the Linear Model of Coregionalization as long as
      they appear to get reasonable results from their analysis.

      The reason for my confusion comes from the fact that I have
      seen both cases in the literature:
      people using the same variogram models and the same ranges
      for their variograms and cross-variograms, and
      people (non-geostatisticans?) using different models (e.g.
      an exponential model for variogram A, a spherical model
      for variogram B, and a Gaussian model for the cross-
      variogram A-B) with different ranges.

      I would really appreciate any comments that could
      shed some light on this (for me) confusing topic!

      Thanks for your help and have a nice day!



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