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1250GEOSTATS: varying background

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  • Neil Higgins
    May 6, 1999
      I wonder if anyone can help me.

      X-pmrqc: 1
      Priority: normal

      I have a large number of point results from a survey. The data were collected
      in a raster scan like pattern and adjacent results along any scan line are likely
      to show signs of cross talk ie they may give elevated readings by picking up
      signal from the same point target. However, there should not be significant
      cross talk between adjacent scan lines. The problem is that there is a lot of
      background signal which varies from location to location. I can find large
      signals which are well above the noise easily enough but I want to be able to
      find as many possible deposits (interesting locations) as possible. Except at
      known locations I don't expect the background signal to change as rapidly as
      the target signal.

      Can I use kriging to get an estimate for the background and a censored data
      technique to get some information on the distribution of target signals (sizes) ?
      I will post a summary of responses to the list.
      Thanks in advance

      Neil Higgins

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