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1211GEOSTATS: optimal sampling design

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  • GGP95RDS@sheffield.ac.uk
    Mar 1 4:04 AM
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      Can anyone out there point me towards software I can use to calculate
      the kriged estimation mean and kriged estimation variance so that I
      generate graphs of number of observations within an isolated region
      against standard error (as in McBratney and Webster 1983; Webster &
      Oliver 1990: 272-282)?

      I want to use the kriged estimation variance to prescribe optimal
      (soil) sampling designs for my study areas based on sampling on
      regular rectangular grids.

      I have 8 data-sets for which I have modelled the experimental
      variograms and have produced kriged contour map outputs using the
      variogram parameterson Surfer 6.01. However, I cannot see any way of
      calculating kriged variance and means using this software.

      Looking forward to some help...

      Many thanks,

      Richard D Smith
      Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research (SCIDR)
      Department of Geography
      University of Sheffield
      Winter Street
      Sheffield S10 2TN

      email: ggp95rds@...
      fax: (44)(0)114-2797912
      voice (44)(0)114-2227930

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