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1100Re: GEOSTATS: Request for Short Course in Environmental Geostatistics

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  • Heinz Burger
    Dec 3, 1998
      Evan Englund wrote:

      > I was recently visited by two environmental scientists from Germany who
      > want information about environmentally-oriented short courses in
      > geostats for themselves and other colleagues.

      > . Dear Evan,

      the Freie Universitaet Berlin (Geoinformatik) offers a 3-week course
      in Feb '99 - much earlier than Salzburg ;-)

      'Mathematische Methoden und Modelle in den Geowissenschaften'

      Each week a seperate theme is presented (which can be booked
      The first week is devoted to 'Geostats' (with appl. in mining,
      environmental problems, hydrogeology).
      Details and contact address can be found in IAMG-Newsletter no.57, p 20



      H. Burger
      Dr. Heinz Burger
      Freie Universitaet Berlin
      - Geoinformatik -
      Malteserstr. 74-100
      12249 BERLIN, Germany
      e-mail: hburger@...-berlin.de
      Web-Seite: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~hburger/hb/

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